Manage your cash-flow with power of A.I

Streamline your finances and stay on top of cash-flow with PennyFlo. Connect your bank accounts to pay vendors, receive payments, and reconcile effortlessly, automated!

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A finance suite for SMEs and Start-ups

Cash Forecasting

Visualize your cash-flow for near future scenarios.

Plan the coming months and make informed decisions with our AI powered dynamic forecast.

Scenario based forecast

Visualize different scenarios and plan the coming months with our AI-powered dynamic forecast.

Easy data inputs

Streamline data inputs and effortlessly plan your cash flow.

Make informed decisions

Gain insights and make data driven decisions to grow your business.

Cost Control & Budgeting

Track the financials and get control over spending

As the company grows, direct cash management and team collaboration become both more complex and more important.

Employee budgeting and custom dashboard

Track employee budgets and customize your dashboard for effective financial planning.

Easy approval flows in case of overshooting

Implement easy approval flows for budget overshooting to maintain financial control.

Never loose the control over your cash

Stay in control of your cash flow and financial management at all times.

Connected Banking

Seamless integrations and connected banking

Manage all your bank accounts, accounting platforms and payment gateways in a single workspace.

Easy tracking of cashflow

Effortlessly track cash flow for better financial management and decision-making.

Real-time cash position

Access real-time updates on your cash position for informed financial decisions.

2-way sync

Achieve seamless and bidirectional synchronization to effortlessly manage your bank accounts, accounting platforms, and payment gateways for streamlined financial operations.

Automated Payments

Automated payments, collections and reconciliations

Process 1 or 1000 payments in a couple of clicks, from local to international without errors. Let your team to initiate the payments and all you need to do is approve.

Work with your team

Collaborate seamlessly with your finance team and accountants, enabling easy management and coordination for efficient financial operations.

Scheduled payments

Set up scheduled payments for timely and efficient financial transactions.

Invoice automation with advanced OCR

Automate invoice processing using advanced OCR technology for accurate and efficient payments.

Our Products

One platform to manage all your business's financial needs.

We know your pain. So we built the “most efficient cash flow management software on the market.”



Cash flow forecasting Keep an eye on the consolidated cash flow from all your bank accounts, businesses, and tools.



An AI powered payment gateway, helping you to automate your payments and reconciliations.



Helps you to get paid by speeding up your collections and reduce late payments, with automation.


Integrate with your favourite tools.

Manage your company's financials with the power of AI.